Wednesday, 11 January 2017

She Wondered

“I travelled thousands of  miles, just to see you, everything else is a veil.”

These words came out not from her mouth, but from her wounded heart evaporating like a vapour on seeing his bright face.

It was a pilgrimage for her to see the God who resided in her soul, whose encouragement and unconditional affection made her what she was today. One doesn’t meet a person like him every day and when one does, just don’t let them go. This was one thing she couldn’t do.

Still, she was happy to be connected with him. Over the years their bond flourished and strengthened. Often she thought what life would be if the two were together. These thoughts took her to a dreamland from where she never wanted to return.

But, the real world was different for both. Why this happened she wondered…………..

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Same Destination

She wished to end her life, for all of her desires were fulfilled. Her heart was filled with the joy of a satisfied and well lived life.

While he wished to end his life, for there was nothing he could get from life. His dreams, aspirations, hopes were all crushed.

Both expected nothing, but death. Their contexts were different, but destination same.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Final Embrace

It was a cold, dark wintry evening. The earth lay around cuddled in snowy arms, yet the surroundings were cozy.

There was a soft tinker in the snow as his footsteps approached. From a distance, she could see his perfect silhouette. Draped in a black suit and an overcoat, his face an angelic reflection, his moist eyes sparkled like diamonds. Then, he stood and unfurled his arms to summon her.

Of everything in the world, what else could she had asked more from God, perhaps nothing. She gathered her strength, ran towards him and hugged him. A tearful river ran down in that tender moment to flood the entire universe.

A loud thud on the ground.  Eyes shut, enclosing the love filled glimpses.
Both found solace in each other’s arms lying forever in their final embrace.