Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Home Inside

Softly, subtly and slowly, your memories have made a home inside of me. A tiny dweller by your name resides in this home. Whenever, I wish to see or meet this person, I just knock on the door and that person lets me in with a lovely smile.

It’s a dream world of my own and I guess everybody too has one! Though I know it is a mirage, an imagination that is just like an air bubble, but I feel safe inside this bubble. Life doesn’t always grant us what we seek, the way we seek, life is not cruel either and gives what we seek in some different way. What matters is the emotional bond that develops and keeps us together  drenching each other with heartfelt wishes.


  1. What a beautiful metaphor of the home here :)

  2. Harry: Is this all real or is it jus going on inside my head?
    Dumbledoor: Of course it is goin on inside your head. But why should that mean it is not real?
    our imaginations and reality may intersect:) hope yours does too

  3. That is perfect and perfectly worded.

  4. I love your words. I remember loving this artwork on Etsy. I am so glad to read the words that went with each drawing. Just incredible and uplifting. Thank you so much for becoming my newest follower.

  5. It seems to me we all have a safe place inside, a kind of personal refuge where no one else is allowed.

  6. Absolutely agree with the end of the day happiness matters, even if it comes from our dreams!


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