Friday, 1 May 2015

The Girl Who Loved Dandelions

Everyone loved roses, dahlias, and daffodils for they were epitome of beauty, colour and brightness among flowers. But she loved dandelions that were pale, hazy and ended up as colourless spores floating aimlessly in air.

                                                 She was like a dandelion. She had no shiny face or jet wavy hair or any adorable feature. No one ever loved her or dived deep into her heart to feel the immense love she had hidden inside.

                             As dandelions were shun away so was she. Thus, she poured every single drop of   her affection on dandelions nurturing them with care. This way both felt being loved. She danced with dandelions , flew with them to the end of the world, experienced the air rush in her hair, ah! such happiness she found in the company of dandelions AND one day she slept in dandelion-arms, becoming one of them.