Thursday, 11 December 2014

Nothing In This World Is Ours Except........................

Even the air we inhale leaves us and if we try to block its path, we will choke.So, better let it flow. Likewise, we need to flow with life the point where we try to modify or stop it, life too stops. The words we speak are lost but their essence we can absorb and light a flame in our souls. "Pain" occurs when we start expecting. The moment we stop expecting ( a difficult thing to do) feelings like pain, hatred, jealousy, belongings will go away.

" Death "- the final destination. This body of ours will not go with us to another world( if another world exists where all the souls go ). But, I firmly believe that the truthful emotions always stay safe within us and these emotions definitely accompany us to another realm, only to sprout again in next life. After all nothing in this world is ours except “eternal emotions ".