Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Your glimpse in my heart

For the past many lives your glimpse has been tucked in my heart. It ached every time I tried looking for you. I thought you only existed in my thoughts and in my dream world, where every now and then I frequented. But a day came and you were no more a figment of imagination, but a reality very much. At first I couldn’t believe, but slowly the feeling started to sink in and still I knew that I would never get you. But the ways of god are stranger than we think. After all the life’s atrocities, dilemmas, revolutions and with god’s kind grace, I got my gift that is you!

Just happy to have you in my life. No matter what the way is, I cherish all those emotions, feelings, moments spent with you and I am thankful to god for all this. Wherever you stay, I will always pray for you. You are the most precious pearl.