Wednesday, 10 September 2014

As pure as you

In this long journey of life, I have never met a pure soul as yours. Even if all the treasures, diamonds, gems, riches are on offer, will never trade them for you. You are priceless. Your heart is unadulterated like elegant white bliss, in it resides the goodness. You change the life of everyone, whom you touch with your sheer honesty, prayers and good wishes. I know many troubles you have undergone, faced wrath from people who don’t even acknowledge you.

But then there is god, he might delay things but doesn’t completely wipe the opportunities. A new chapter of your life will start now and it is just like the island you have always desired. God knows the righteousness of your heart, he truly loves and cares for you. The bad time is now over by lord’s kind grace and a new era of good time has dawned upon. May these be the  best years of your life with many more such years in store. No one is and can never ever be like you. For you are as pure as you. 

Tokens of your memories

Words of encouragement, love, faith, confidence, promises, dreams, hope, friendship are the tokens of your memories. I keep them close to my heart. When in doubt they never let me fall, guiding and watching my every step. An invisible force holds my hand, I know it is the pious emotion emanating from you.

Life has its twists and turns. Transitions are sometimes painful but when they are for the greater good of all, one has to bear the pain. This pain will subsidise when the transitions are over, leaving behind their trail. Till then sweet memories are the best companions. Softly woven into my mind, your memories have become a part of my soul, glowing me from within. I cherish these precious pearls, slowly and steadily as they unfurl raising me higher.