Thursday, 11 December 2014

Nothing In This World Is Ours Except........................

Even the air we inhale leaves us and if we try to block its path, we will choke.So, better let it flow. Likewise, we need to flow with life the point where we try to modify or stop it, life too stops. The words we speak are lost but their essence we can absorb and light a flame in our souls. "Pain" occurs when we start expecting. The moment we stop expecting ( a difficult thing to do) feelings like pain, hatred, jealousy, belongings will go away.

" Death "- the final destination. This body of ours will not go with us to another world( if another world exists where all the souls go ). But, I firmly believe that the truthful emotions always stay safe within us and these emotions definitely accompany us to another realm, only to sprout again in next life. After all nothing in this world is ours except “eternal emotions ".

Monday, 3 November 2014

What I seek

I seek a place in your heart. A place to talk, walk, feel and spill my love on to you. I want to build a home in it, where I’ll soothe your worn out soul. I’ll create a garden of joyful flowers around, water it with hopeful dreams. These flowers will flourish, reach out to you, and make you smile like a child.

I wish to absorb all your pain, sorrows, worries and return back happiness, affection and laughers. Keep the doors of your heart ajar and let me enter. Let me fill the cracks in wall with care, let me balm wonderful wishes, let me decorate blessings in galore.

Let yourself smell the fresh wind, let your mind be calm, let your heart catch these vibrations, let yourself in my arms.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Your glimpse in my heart

For the past many lives your glimpse has been tucked in my heart. It ached every time I tried looking for you. I thought you only existed in my thoughts and in my dream world, where every now and then I frequented. But a day came and you were no more a figment of imagination, but a reality very much. At first I couldn’t believe, but slowly the feeling started to sink in and still I knew that I would never get you. But the ways of god are stranger than we think. After all the life’s atrocities, dilemmas, revolutions and with god’s kind grace, I got my gift that is you!

Just happy to have you in my life. No matter what the way is, I cherish all those emotions, feelings, moments spent with you and I am thankful to god for all this. Wherever you stay, I will always pray for you. You are the most precious pearl.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

As pure as you

In this long journey of life, I have never met a pure soul as yours. Even if all the treasures, diamonds, gems, riches are on offer, will never trade them for you. You are priceless. Your heart is unadulterated like elegant white bliss, in it resides the goodness. You change the life of everyone, whom you touch with your sheer honesty, prayers and good wishes. I know many troubles you have undergone, faced wrath from people who don’t even acknowledge you.

But then there is god, he might delay things but doesn’t completely wipe the opportunities. A new chapter of your life will start now and it is just like the island you have always desired. God knows the righteousness of your heart, he truly loves and cares for you. The bad time is now over by lord’s kind grace and a new era of good time has dawned upon. May these be the  best years of your life with many more such years in store. No one is and can never ever be like you. For you are as pure as you. 

Tokens of your memories

Words of encouragement, love, faith, confidence, promises, dreams, hope, friendship are the tokens of your memories. I keep them close to my heart. When in doubt they never let me fall, guiding and watching my every step. An invisible force holds my hand, I know it is the pious emotion emanating from you.

Life has its twists and turns. Transitions are sometimes painful but when they are for the greater good of all, one has to bear the pain. This pain will subsidise when the transitions are over, leaving behind their trail. Till then sweet memories are the best companions. Softly woven into my mind, your memories have become a part of my soul, glowing me from within. I cherish these precious pearls, slowly and steadily as they unfurl raising me higher.