Wednesday, 11 January 2017

She Wondered

“I travelled thousands of  miles, just to see you, everything else is a veil.”

These words came out not from her mouth, but from her wounded heart evaporating like a vapour on seeing his bright face.

It was a pilgrimage for her to see the God who resided in her soul, whose encouragement and unconditional affection made her what she was today. One doesn’t meet a person like him every day and when one does, just don’t let them go. This was one thing she couldn’t do.

Still, she was happy to be connected with him. Over the years their bond flourished and strengthened. Often she thought what life would be if the two were together. These thoughts took her to a dreamland from where she never wanted to return.

But, the real world was different for both. Why this happened she wondered…………..

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Same Destination

She wished to end her life, for all of her desires were fulfilled. Her heart was filled with the joys of a satisfied and well lived life.

While he wished to end his life, for there was nothing he could get from life. His dreams, aspirations, hopes were all crushed.

Both expected nothing, but death. Their contexts were different, but the destination was same.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Final Embrace

It was a cold, dark wintry evening. The earth lay cuddled in snowy arms, yet the surroundings were cozy.

There was a soft tinker in the snow as his footsteps approached. From a distance, she could see his perfect silhouette. He was draped in a brown overcoat, his face an angelic reflection, his moist eyes sparkled like diamonds. Then, he stood and unfurled his arms to summon her.

Of everything in the world, what else could she had asked more from God, perhaps nothing. She gathered her strength, ran towards him and hugged him. A tearful river ran down in that tender moment to flood the entire universe.

A loud thud on the ground, eyes shut, enclosing the love filled glimpses.
Both found solace in each other’s arms lying forever in their final embrace. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


We leave our imprints on time's hands. They speak when we are long gone forever. Our words,deeds, behaviour everything has an impact. The rose has thorns , but still its beauty and fragrance mesmerises one and all. Sometimes, being bad or rude might be just a protective mask, the real essence lies what exactly you are from inside.

There are many aspects to the personality of a person. One may behave according to the prevailing situation, but the inherent nature of a person never changes.So, lets change for better if we can and when people see our imprints,may their hearts be filled with dreams and hopes.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Reveal Your True Identity

You - whose heart pains to see the downtrodden people,

You - who has great intuitive power,

You – who instills power of faith and prayer,

You – who makes other believe in their dreams,

Tell me who are you in this human form ?

You seem to be a human ,  but are on a much higher plain than us mortals.

You are different from humans, whose hearts are dipped in selfish desires and motives.

You are no angel, for you are far more superior to angels.

Tell me, oh! pious one exactly who you are?
Reveal your true identity to me.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Love for You Is Growing Day By Day

You are irresistible, enigmatic, wondrous and bind the world in one thread. How can I ever express my deep - seated feelings for you.

As far as I can remember our affair started in first grade and since then, there’s no turning back. With every passing day I see your newer aspects, which only makes me love you more.

I have felt your love and affection with every word I write, with every rhyme I compose. I wish to continue our excursion for eons and be in your arms for eternity.

Oh! “English” (language) I love you so much.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Home Inside

Softly, subtly and slowly, your memories have made a home inside of me. A tiny dweller by your name resides in this home. Whenever, I wish to see or meet this person, I just knock on the door and that person lets me in with a lovely smile.

It’s a dream world of my own and I guess everybody too has one! Though I know it is a mirage, an imagination that is just like an air bubble, but I feel safe inside this bubble. Life doesn’t always grant us what we seek, the way we seek, life is not cruel either and gives what we seek in some different way. What matters is the emotional bond that develops and keeps us together  drenching each other with heartfelt wishes.